Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd (HPL)

Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd is a modern naphtha-based Petrochemical Complex located 125 km from Kolkata, at Haldia, West Bengal, India. It is a customer-focused organization, recognized as a leading supplier of quality products and services.

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HPL is one of the largest petrochemical companies in India with a total capacity equivalent to 7,00,000 TPA of ethylene. Process technologies for various manufacturing plants have been selected from internationally renowned vendors with an aim to produce world-class hyphenated products with excellent safety and environmental considerations.

Established in the ‘90s as a symbol of an industrial resurgence in West Bengal, Haldia Petrochemicals Ltd. or HPL was the first integrated petrochemicals complex situated in Haldia, 125 km from Kolkata in West Bengal.

With a state-of-the-art naphtha cracker complex constructed in a record time of 36 months, HPL started production in the year 2000, during the turn of the millennium. Continuous drive for improvement and optimisation led to the rapid growth of the company’s capacity, reaching 700 KTA from 420 KTA in a short time.


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Haldia is one of the largest manufacturers of polyethylene in India with a total capacity of over 7, 00,000 tonnes per annum. The ...

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BUTENE-1 is a co-monomer used in the production of Linear Low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE). It has also been used for the producti...

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Energy Segment

LIQUIFIED PETROLEUM GAS (LPG) is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as heating fuel and as fuel for vehicles (Auto LPG). HPL can ...

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Haldia is one of the largest manufacturers of polyethylene in India with a total capacity of over 7, 00,000 tonnes per annum. The product portfolio under polyethylene segment consists of various grades of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE).

It manufactures a wide range of HDPE grades having narrow, medium & broad (bi-modal) molecular weight distribution using Mitsui Slurry CX Process to suit a wide range of end uses. It also manufactures various grades of LLDPE using Spherilene Gas Phase Swing Process from Basell, Netherlands. 

These products from HPL are of the benchmark quality, meeting the highest international standards and are used extensively by packaging films, Liners, Pipe, Tarpaulin, Tanks, Monofilament, houseware, container or Twin & Ropes manufacturers in India and abroad. Due to superior quality, HPL products are in demand in various countries from the EU, South East Asia, USA etc. HPL products are exported to more than 20 countries in the world.


Haldia uses Spheripol-II technology licensed by LyondellBasell, Netherlands, the most widely accepted technology, for manufacturing Homopolymers and Copolymer grades. The unique process capabilities and high consistency in product morphology ensure excellent quality.




It is a co-monomer used in the production of Linear Low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE). It has also been used for the production of some polyolefin resins, butylene oxide, and butanone. HPL has the capacity to produce 30 KTPA Butene-1 using technology from Axens, France.



Butadiene (Buta-1,3-diene) is used as a monomer to produce synthetic rubbers used for automobile tyres (Polybutadiene Rubber – PBR, Styrene Butadiene Rubber - SBR), gloves & gaskets (Acrylonitrile Butadiene – Nitrile Rubber), synthetic resins used for automobile parts, home appliances, etc (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene – ABS), paper coating & carpet backing (Styrene Butadiene – SB latex).



It is a basic aromatic hydrocarbon with molecular formula C6H6. It is an important raw material for basic industrial chemicals such as:

Styrene for producing polymers, plastics, synthetic rubber, latex, resin

Phenol for producing polymers, plastics, synthetic resins, adhesives, drugs

Cyclohexane for producing caprolactum used in the manufacture of nylon

Nitrobenzene/aniline for urethane, rubber chemicals, dyes, pesticides

Chlorobenzene for producing pesticides, dyes, rubber chemicals

Linear alkyl benzene for producing detergents, industrial cleaners



Mainly used as an eco-friendly blowing agent in Polyurethane foam, it is used for thermal insulation in refrigerators, insulated pipes & roofs, construction panels, etc. It is also used in the manufacture of synthetic resins, rubber adhesives, lubricants, etc.



CBFS is the heavy hydrocarbon mix (mostly C9-C15 fraction and higher) bottom product of the Naphtha cracker unit. It is the key raw material used to manufacture carbon black pigment which is used as a reinforcing agent in rubber products such as tyres, conveyor belts, cables, etc. It can also be used as a heating fuel oil in industrial units by virtue of its low pour point enhancing flow characteristics.


Energy Segment


It is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases used as heating fuel and as fuel for vehicles (Auto LPG). HPL can produce 113 KTPA LPG through hydrogenation of C4 Raffinate (C4 stream post Butadiene extraction) by technology from Axens, France. HPL LPG comprises mainly 100% Butane and also a 90:10 Butane: Propane blend.


Also known as Motor Gasoline (Petrol) is a petroleum-derived liquid mixture primarily used as fuel in internal combustion engines of automobiles. HPL makes Motor Spirit by an adequate blending of Hydrogenates Pyrolysis Gasoline (HPG) or Pygas with other available hydrocarbon streams like C5 Mix and C6 Raffinate.


MTBE is produced by the reaction of Methanol and Isobutylene which is available in the in-house C4 stream. The majority of MTBE is used as an octane booster in Gasoline. Balance MTBE is used as an intermediate to produce high-purity Isobutylene by back cracking for the production of lubricants, Butyl rubber, and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA).


Pygas is a double hydrogenated desulphurized product obtained from Raw Pyrolysis Gasoline (RPG) post-Benzene extraction and is used as a gasoline blending component. It is also used as a chemical feedstock for the extraction of Aromatics such as Toluene, mix-Xylene, etc.


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Halene, a distinguished brand of Haldia Petrochemicals, represents a portfolio of high-quality polyethylene products that stand at the forefront of innovation and performance. Engineered with precision and manufactured to the highest industry standards, Halene polymers cater to a diverse range of applications across sectors such as packaging, agriculture, infrastructure, and more.


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