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  • Titanium Dioxide ( Tio2 )
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Titanium Dioxide KA-100 anatase type is for Multile Use. it has remarkable whiteness, tint strength and best quality anatase for general purpose.

Application For white pigments: plastics, rubbers, paints, papers, bricks, etc.

Application For electronic components: TV Braun tubes, MLCC, etc.

Application For catalysts: catalysts, photocatalysts, etc.





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Product Details

  • Manufacturer
    Cosmo Chemical Co. Ltd.
  • Brand
  • Additives, Pigment & Minerals Generic Family
  • Additives, Pigment and Minerals Generic Symbol
    Titanium Dioxide ( Tio2 )


General Properties

Material Status

Commercial: Active


Anatase titanium dioxide | Excellent whiteness | Superior tint strength | General Purpose


Plastic industry | Photocatalyst industry | Paints & Coating Industry | Paper & Pulp Industry


Paint | Paper | Plastic

Physical Form


Additive Typical Properties

Title Value Unit Method Additional Information Property Notes
pH 6.0 - 8.0 - -
Residue 0.025 % (325Mesh) max -
Oil Absorption 25.0 gm/100 gm max -
Ignition loss 0.3 % max -
Moisture 0.4 % max -
Whiteness 96.5 % min -
Particle size 0.25-0.35 μm - -
Titanium Dioxide (Tio2 ) Content 98.5 % min -


Package Unit : 25kg Paper Bag, Poly Bag (500, 1000kg)


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More Information
Processing Grades General Purpose Grade
Material Status Commercial: Active
Features Anatase titanium dioxide, Excellent whiteness, General Purpose, Superior tint strength
Industry Paints & Coating Industry, Paper & Pulp Industry, Photocatalyst industry, Plastic industry
Applications Paint , Paper, Plastic
Physical Form Powder
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